Antwerp is experiencing serious business growth. Since 2014 an average of 127,000 square metres of office space has been rented out in Antwerp every year. The forecast future trend is for more growth. The Centre and Singel districts in particular, also because of their accessibility, economics and history. Add to that, serious investments in new building projects which has stimulated growth even further.

Antwerp means business.

The main business sectors fuelling this boom, include finance and insurance, industry, logistics, ICT and the public sector. All through its long history, Antwerp has always been a centre for international trade. It still is. More so than Brussels or Gent. Many companies located elsewhere choose to have a second presence in Antwerp because of its closer proximity to their clients and even their own workforce. Avoiding the mobility complications associated with Brussels.

High quality offices are an issue.

The rent in Antwerp has been stable at €155 sq. m/year since 2017. However, this is predicted to rise to €160 in the Grade A sector, due to the lack of availability. The vacancy rate was under 10% from 2017. Despite the speculation boom in new property, the vacancy rate is now just over 5%. Things are moving fast in the real estate market. What’s left over is overwhelmingly C Grade buildings. For businesses looking for higher quality property, this will become a real issue over the coming years.

Building is continuing apace in Antwerp, with potentially 172,000 more square metres available within the next five years. Again, the problem remains with the quality of the office space that becomes available.

Brody. Superior quality and a unique approach.

Brody is an office rental company specialised in high quality office space. Offering a unique approach, based on the idea of the office as a nice place to be. Tailored to the needs of our clients. Smartly located in friendly and fashionable neighbourhoods. Close to social amenities.

We also believe in creating strong business communities. We organise networking evenings and social events to encourage and stimulate a collective spirit. We help like-minded companies achieve more together.

Are you looking for exclusive and attractive office space in Antwerp? Contact Brody or +32 491 88 77 99.