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A different approach to offices spaces.

Hello, welcome to a different approach to office rental. Office locations in Antwerp based on places where you would like to work. Tailored exactly to your needs. Smarter and easy to reach. In neighbourhoods where you can happily socialize and exercise. Welcome to Brody.

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The best offices in the best places. Why accept anything less? Cleverly located to minimise your travel time and maximise your work and leisure time. Sounds good?

Brody has over 25 years of experience in the real estate business. So, we really do understand that every client is different. That’s why we offer flexible and tailor-made solutions. As well as a whole array of services you won’t find anywhere else.

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Introducing a new concept.
A nice place to work.

Imagine. No long-distance commuting. No endless traffic jams. No desperate searching for a parking space. And a nice office exactly where you want it to be. Brody have offices located at all the best places in Antwerp, both in the centre and out in the suburbs. Smart locations that are close to approach roads. Giving you easy access to the city and just as important, easy access out of the city. Also, closer to greener transportation solutions, including public transport, charging points for electric vehicles and the option of bike sharing.

Smart locations
close to approach roads.

Less travelling means more time for your private and social life. More time to exercise at a local sports centre. More time to socialize with friends and colleagues at nearby cafes and restaurants. More time for your peace of mind.

Our services and

We are continually thinking about how we can improve our services. Offering office spaces based on the idea that work should be a pleasurable place to be. Not just in the office, but around the office. Working in a community of like-minded companies. Providing special deals with local restaurants, bars and fitness clubs. What do you need? Just let us know.

 Parking space

 Network events

 Health clubs

Bike sharing

 Bring me box

 Flexible meeting room

 Handyman service

 Nearby food & drinks

 Charging points cars

Creating communities

We believe in the power of communities. Connecting like-minded companies at our offices, so that they can all achieve more together. We organise networking evenings and social events to encourage and stimulate this collective spirit.

Some of our

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brody offices antwerp
brody offices antwerp
brody offices antwerp
brody offices antwerp
brody offices antwerp
brody offices antwerp