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Business moves fast. You can experience periods of rapid growth, or suddenly change your course, requiring less square metres. All in a very short period of time. We are the only office rental company in Antwerp who can help you in all these situations.

We have office solutions from 30 ㎡ – 1,200 ㎡. If your circumstances change, we can support you, by changing the terms of your lease to suit your new situation. Saving you a lot of unnecessary stress.


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60 sqm – 9.472 sqm

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Office Types

The kind of office we can offer is very much tailored to your wishes.

Ranging from unfurnished to fully furnished, as well as many iconic outspoken building designs. In fact one of our buildings is over 400 years old, from the 16th century. Though, of course, with all the features you need for the 21st century.

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Offices with welcoming entrances

We know how important your company image is. That’s why we provide offices with attractive and welcoming entrances (you only get one chance to make a first impression). Also, bright offices, with a lot of sunlight.

There have been many scientific studies into natural sunlight and office life. All point to measurable health benefits and happier employees.

The office can be styled to your particular tastes with the assistance of our very talented interior design team.

Of course, we also provide all the services you should expect. A secure environment, air conditioning, cleaning and maintenance services and WIFI. We are at your service 24/7.

Work with home comforts

Brody provides the best office rental experience by going the extra mile and further. We are always thinking about how we can provide a better service. How to make being at work as pleasurable and comfortable as being at home. Everything is taken into consideration for all our locations. If you have to travel by car, how we can make it as easy and as convenient as possible. By choosing places with good access in and out of the city and plenty of parking. We encourage sustainable travel, by thinking about closeness to public transport, charging spots for electric vehicles and bike sharing.

We make special deals with bars and restaurants in the neighbourhood to make socialising just that little bit more appealing. In fact, in some cases we also invest in local restaurants and fitness clubs. We provide network events with other companies in the same building, to share new ideas about business and working in 2020. Every one of our buildings has an infoscreen with all the information you need about our services and the support we can give you. Even small things, like if you need an extra meeting room, we provide an extra meeting room.

Choosing Brody is also about the nice little extras. For example, Bringme Box, a contactless locker system which also acts as a digital reception. How? by automating not only deliveries, but also consignments and internal logistics. In other words, things get delivered, even if you’re not there to sign for them.

Another unique extra: our own large billboard, well-positioned on a main road into Antwerp. You can rent time on this billboard for a very reasonable fee!