Antwerp is perfectly located in the heart of one of the most concentrated urban areas in Belgium and Europe. It is officially the largest city in Belgium and part of an urban triangle, including Brussels and Gent. This economic engine of Belgium is also an important centre for the arts and culture.

In fact, it is a world hub city in many respects. The city’s port is the second largest in Europe, after Rotterdam. It’s the world capital for the diamond industry and one of the world’s largest concentrations for the petrochemicals industry. Second only to Houston, Texas. The city is also a fashion capital, home for all major national and international retailers.

A serious transport network.

These national and international business concerns need offices. That’s why Antwerp has the second largest office market in Belgium with 2,302,000 square metres of office space. The popularity of Antwerp is also due to its expansive transport network. A six-lane motorway encircles the city, running through urban residential areas. Its major rail network connects to Amsterdam and Essen in the north and to Paris in the south. As well as national trains to all the major Belgian cities. Antwerp has its own international airport, but is also served by Brussels Airport, which is only 45 kilometres from the city. The city itself has a web of tram and bus lines providing easy access to the centre and suburbs.

Satisfying the need for office space?

Antwerp’s office market is focused on three main districts: the centre, Singel (Berchem area) and Periphery (suburbs). However, for a city with so much going for it, there is one issue.

The office market has not been able to satisfy the demand for Grade A and B buildings. In fact, 75% of the available space is Grade C!

The Brody approach.

Brody is an office rental company specialised in high quality office space. Offering a unique approach, based on the idea of the office as a nice place to be. Tailored to the needs of our clients. Smartly located in friendly and fashionable neighbourhoods. Close to social amenities.

We also believe in creating strong business communities. We organise networking evenings and social events to encourage and stimulate a collective spirit. We help like-minded companies achieve more together.

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